Sorgo Negro

Meet the Producer

Northern Peru is legendary for producing coffee with bright, rich flavors. At some of the highest global growing elevations, the “Amazon Andes” yield some of the best developed flavor profiles in the world. This is the first year we have had the pleasure of working with Finca Sorgo Negro and are excited to be able to build the connection between them and our partners here in the US!

The Farm

Sorgo Negro is the kind of farm we dream of, the sort of place wrapped in grace that one cannot so much find as happen to come into. With our Peruvian offerings getting better each year, we are extremely excited to introduce our newest producer partnership – Xavier Arteaga of Finca Sorgo Negro. Named for the long purple grass that grows on the farm, serving as both food for the farm’s animals and almost lavish ornamentation, Sorgo Negro rests high up along the hillside, looking out and over one of the tributaries of the Cerro Negro. Clean, orderly and lush rows of Bourbon, Caturra and Catuí cascade down the steep slope towards the river. With the help of his daughters, Arteaga maintains a charming organic garden, providing all kinds of vegetables, herbs and lettuce for the household. Perched high above the remote village of San Ramón, cooled by the temperate breeze coming off the river, the farm was washed by a golden afternoon sun when we summited.

The “Black Grass” abounds providing Sorgo Negro its namesake
Excellent shade coverage
Excellent shade coverage

The Farmer

At the age of 60, having learned how to cultivate coffee from his father, Xavier Arteaga Coronel has been growing coffee his whole life. Today, Arteaga manages the coffee production with the help of his daughters and son. He remains focused on cleanliness and the continual improvement of his systems. All of his coffee is fully washed, and slowly sun dried over the course of 10-20 days on covered, open-air platforms that allow for maximum air flow and protection from the rain.

The Coffee

The coffee is like the farm – saturated with cleanliness and soft light, a pervasive sense of serenity and peace, health and vitality. It features flavors wholly unique from our other Peruvian offerings.

Cupping Notes: Tasting of black tea, bergamot, ripe red plums and passion fruit, structured by a lean, crisp acidity of Meyer lemon

Roasting Notes:  To be updated

Covered raised drying beds
Covered raised drying beds


We are currently selling these coffees in 1, 5, and 25 lb quantities.  If you would like to purchase larger quantities (i.e., by the bag or pallet) or would simply like to learn more please Contact Us , we would love to hear from you!