Mujale – 100% Women Producer Coop

La Paz, Honduras. Sun-drenched days, evenings at altitude washed by cooling mists. We are so excited to make available this small, super premium selection of our favorites from this year’s harvest.

These farms belong to the Marcala growing region, an appalachian in southwestern Honduras that produces coffee known for its distinctive profile, delineated by notes of rich cocoa, bright orange and tropical, candy-like fruit. These are very small farms and the supply is extremely limited. While each of these lots provide, in themselves, a singular sense experience, they all point towards the community of Marcala.

Each of these farmers shared with us their story. Instead of attempting a third person paraphrase, we felt like their own account carried something, in tone, that extended beyond the content. We hope you enjoy reading their own stories, in their own words:

Meet Mujale – Cafe de las Mujeres

The Women Owned Coop of Mujale

Mujale is a young association of indigenous Lenca women entrepreneurs founded in September of 2013. While the primary and guiding mission behind the organization continues to be the combating of unemployment and extreme poverty in the local population, they are simultaneously empowering and providing more visibility, responsibility and control to a growing network of women, most of whom have been working in the production of coffee for many years. Today the group is composed of 50 women producers from the Chinacla, Márcala, Santa Ana and Guajiquiro areas of coffee production.

In order to both diversify their products and utilize the rich agricultural potential of these zones, Mujale also works in the production and marketing of beans, corn, organic fertilizers, Aloe Vera and fruit marmalades.

Guided by a profound sense of responsibility for the stewardship of these natural resources, Mujale practices organic agricultural methods. They cultivate their coffee beneath shade provided by diverse species of trees, use only organic fertilizers and take precautions to protect the health and vitality of their soils.

The women together on one of the farms
The women together on one of the farms
A group of the dedicated women producers who make up Mujale
A group of the dedicated women producers who make up Mujale

The Coffee

Cupping Notes: Soft, buttery mouthfeel; warm, broad malic acid structure with candied apricot, brown sugar, yellow apple


We are currently selling coffee from Mujale in 1, 5, and 25 lb quantities online.  If you would like to purchase larger quantities (i.e., by the bag or pallet) or would simply like to learn more please Contact Us , we would love to hear from you!