Las Rosas

La Paz, Honduras. Sun-drenched days, evenings at altitude washed by cooling mists. We are so excited to make available this small, super premium selection of our favorites from this year’s harvest.

These farms belong to the Marcala growing region, an appalachian in southwestern Honduras that produces coffee known for its distinctive profile, delineated by notes of rich cocoa, bright orange and tropical, candy-like fruit. These are very small farms and the supply is extremely limited. While each of these lots provide, in themselves, a singular sense experience, they all point towards the community of Marcala.

Each of these farmers shared with us their story. Instead of attempting a third person paraphrase, we felt like their own account carried something, in tone, that extended beyond the content. We hope you enjoy reading their own stories, in their own words:

Meet Las Rosas

The Farmer

Don Dimas has been producing coffee for nearly 30 years, since his early twenties. As with many other farmers in the area, he began his agricultural career planting corn, beans and other vegetables. Having grown and sold his coffee in San Pedro de Tutule for many years, his father helped him get started with coffee production and it is today his primary agricultural crop. He is thankful to coffee and particularly the specialty coffee industry for having afforded him the means to build his own house, provide education to his children and buy a small truck to help  out with the farm work. Don Dimas is the proud father of seven children.

Don Dimas on the farm
Don Dimas on the farm

The Farm

Finca Las Rosas is located in the department of Comayagua, twenty kilometers outside the city of La Paz in the small village of La Peñita. Las Rosas is the name given to the smaller, two-hectare lot; the second, larger lot has already achieved notoriety on the COE circuit with 20th and 10th place finishes in 2013 and 2017. In order to preserve the farm’s natural resources, Don Dimas employs sustainable agricultural methods. He has planted living barriers for soil conservation, utilizes the decomposition of cherry pulp as organic fertilizer for the coffee trees, and maintains 20% shade cover with guama and guajiniquil trees. The farm employs close to twenty families year-round and brings on additional migrant farm workers to help during the harvest months.

Don Dimas on the farm
The Family next to the covered raised beds used for Drying.

The Coffee

Production Details:
Size: 2 Hectares
Production: 4000lbs
Varietals: Catuai, Lempira
Altitude: 1550 MASL
Location: La Peñita, La Paz, Honduras

Cupping Notes: With prominent, fruit-forward aromatics of navel orange and coffee cherry, Las Rosas features tasting notes of crisp, juicy yellow plum, smooth middling notes of caramel and finishes with a touch of orange zest

Roasting Notes:  TBD


We are currently selling coffee from Las Rosas in 1, 5, and 25 lb quantities online.  If you would like to purchase larger quantities (i.e., by the bag or pallet) or would simply like to learn more please Contact Us , we would love to hear from you!