Las Flores

La Paz, Honduras. Sun-drenched days, evenings at altitude washed by cooling mists. We are so excited to make available this small, super premium selection of our favorites from this year’s harvest.

These farms belong to the Marcala growing region, an appalachian in southwestern Honduras that produces coffee known for its distinctive profile, delineated by notes of rich cocoa, bright orange and tropical, candy-like fruit. These are very small farms and the supply is extremely limited. While each of these lots provide, in themselves, a singular sense experience, they all point towards the community of Marcala.

Each of these farmers shared with us their story. Instead of attempting a third person paraphrase, we felt like their own account carried something, in tone, that extended beyond the content. We hope you enjoy reading their own stories, in their own words:

Meet Las Flores

The Farmer

I am Nelsy Azucena Castillo Hernández, the daughter of a family of coffee growers in the Tutule area. My family has been producers since 1930, and working on the farm during the harvest to collect the cherries is our family custom. My grandparents taught me to work their land, later my parents became la roya caused big economic problems for the family. The farms were infected and we ended up losing almost all the production. Despite the challenges, we kept hope and decided to renovate the farms. We focused on planting high pacas and catuaí varietals that are more consistent in the cup, despite knowing that they are susceptible to la roya.

I have 8 siblings that share the land, and the amount of land I have to work and plant my coffee is one manzana. I do not have much quantity but it is enough to produce beautiful coffee.

I am married and have a 4-year-old son. My primary objective is to leave a healthy heritage for my children. I belong to a group of talented young people in the zone of Márcala, and am also a member of a company of women leaders dedicated to the production of coffee and organic fertilizers. We also seek sustainability by diversifying with different products produced in our area, fruit trees, wild mora (blackberries) and aloe vera.

A decade ago, women in my community did not have much participation in some issues; nowadays we try to do the same activities that men do and we help with the expenses in the house. Thanks to the women’s organizations in coffee we have more knowledge on important issues such as women’s leadership, entrepreneurship and gender self-esteem.

Elsy and her 4 year old son on the farm
Elsy and her 4 year old son on the farm
Elsy among the crops
Elsy among the crops

The Farm

The coffee that I present is processed with women’s hands. It is collected at optimum maturity and pulped the same day in a manual pulper. It then ferments for 24 hours to achieve more sweetness, washed and classified before being dried for 15 days in a solar dryer. The coffee parchment rests for 20 days in the cellar while we wait for the final result. We try to use the old processes that my grandparents taught me. I also tell them that this is possible thanks to all the people who are involved in the process of my coffee.

For me it is important that at every stage of the process we try to take care of every detail in order to offer the customer the best coffee we can produce. I know you are going to have a cup of this coffee. I hope you like it and remember that every cup of coffee you are having has a history and process.

We sell quality and tell you our family history. Thank you…

Beautiful coffee trees on the farm
Beautiful coffee trees on the farm
Freshly harvested cherries ready for same day processing
Freshly harvested cherries ready for same day processing

The Coffee

Production Details
Size: 1 Manzana
Production: 3000lbs
Varietals: Catuai, and Pacas
Altitude: 1600 MASL
Location: Tutule, La Paz, Honduras

Cupping Notes: Taffy, red / blue fruits, bubblegum, tartaric acidity

Roasting Notes:  TBD


We are currently selling coffee from Las Flores in 1, 5, and 25 lb quantities online.  If you would like to purchase larger quantities (i.e., by the bag or pallet) or would simply like to learn more please Contact Us , we would love to hear from you!