La Concepción

La Paz, Honduras. Sun-drenched days, evenings at altitude washed by cooling mists. We are so excited to make available this small, super premium selection of our favorites from this year’s harvest.

These farms belong to the Marcala growing region, an appalachian in southwestern Honduras that produces coffee known for its distinctive profile, delineated by notes of rich cocoa, bright orange and tropical, candy-like fruit. These are very small farms and the supply is extremely limited. While each of these lots provide, in themselves, a singular sense experience, they all point towards the community of Marcala.

Each of these farmers shared with us their story. Instead of attempting a third person paraphrase, we felt like their own account carried something, in tone, that extended beyond the content. We hope you enjoy reading their own stories, in their own words:

Meet La Concepción

The Farmer

Coffee is something that I love and enjoy. More than a job, it’s more like a game or a sport that I learned from an early age.

From a young age Manuel used to go and watch his father working on the coffee farms, this was the beginning of his passion for coffee. He grew up alone with his father, his mother having passed away when Manuel was only 3 years old. At the age of 16, Manuel followed the “American dream” and emigrated to the United States for 5 years. During these years he worked and saved with a clear vision in mind and in 2005, returned to Honduras using his savings to buy the land that is now Finca La Concepción.

Manuel with his children on the farm
Manuel with his children on the farm
Family on the farm
Family on the farm

The Farm

Manuel is dedicated to improving the quality of coffee on his farm. By investing within and improving upon traditional methods of producing coffee with new agricultural practices, he has succeeded in establishing for himself a considerable reputation throughout his community for extraordinary coffee quality.

Finca La Concepción is a 12 year old project that began in 2005 with 15 manzanas (10.5 hectares) of land. At the beginning, only half the land was used. Now, under the direction of Manuel, the farm is fully cultivated with the production of several specialty coffee varietals, which include IHCAFE 90, Bourbon, Catuai and Icatú. The location of the farm offers very favorable conditions for the production of coffee and is surrounded by a forest which serves as a beneficial protective barrier.

Coffee at Finca La Concepción is harvested in lots, where the harvest from each lot is cupped so that their quality might be monitored. It is very important for Manuel to know the quality of each micro-lot produced on his farm.

In 2015, with technical advice and productive exchanges, Manuel decided to start experimenting with new processing methods such as honey and natural coffees. He began to apply different periods of fermentation in small quantities to test the results, and by using appropriate cupping methods, was able to identify the best method to improve the quality and flavors of coffee.

The coffees produced by Manuel exhibit his passion. He is committed to continuously improving his work and does this through constant learning and the application of new ideas.

Beautiful coffee trees on the farm
Healthy trees on the farm

The Coffee

Production Details:
Size: 15 Manzanas
Production: 27,000 lbs
Varietals (This Coffee): Bourbon
Altitude: 1655 MSNM
Location: Mogola, Márcala La Paz, Honduras

Cupping Notes: Bing cherry fruit, champagne mango; sticky viscosity, strawberry finish

Roasting Notes:  TBD

Healthy tree on the farm
A Healthy tree on this beautiful farm


We are currently selling coffee from La Concepción in 1, 5, and 25 lb quantities online.  If you would like to purchase larger quantities (i.e., by the bag or pallet) or would simply like to learn more please Contact Us , we would love to hear from you!