Finca Ecológica Agua Colorada

Meet Finca Ecológica Agua Colorada

Northern Peru is legendary for producing coffee with bright, rich flavors. At some of the highest global growing elevations, the “Amazon Andes” yield some of the best developed flavor profiles in the world. Following a successful crop last year, Peru has come to the forefront of the international coffee scene producing some amazing high quality coffees as evidenced by the results of the COE Peru for 2017. We had the pleasure of traveling with Gilmer during our origin trip to Cajamarca last year and visiting the farm. It speaks volumes of the effort and care the family put toward their crop when this small farm placed 6th in the Cup of Excellence in 2017 and made it to the National Competition again this year!

The Farm

Finca Ecológica Agua Colorada is a small family run farm in Cajamarca Peru that has been operating for 10 years. This farm is located in the Community of San Francisco del Agua Colorada, in Cajamarca, Peru and sits at an altitude of 1,859 and 1,920 meters. Located just outside of town the farms is situated high on a hill with the farm area stretching deep into a beautiful valley. The farm is interpopulated with both coffee and a variety of Fruit trees that help optimize sun and shade exposure to ensure optimal growing conditions. True to the name the Gilmer Cordova and his family maintain a strict focus on leveraging sustainable, Organic growing practices to produce amazing coffees, while minimizing the impact on the local ecology.

Beautiful landscape in and around the village of Agua Colorada
Beautiful landscape in and around the village of Agua Colorada

The Farmers

At Finca Ecoligica Agua Colorada, producing beautiful coffees is truly a family affair. In addition to Gilmer his father and mother, Dagoberto and Lucia Mejia, work the land on a daily basis and set the foundation for the operation. Gilmer’s siblings also play a big role his brothers are Clever, Alex, Antoni. Gilmer’s sisters, Nanci, Jaseli, Mili, and Liliana also support the farm effort and keep the environment a lively, fun place to be.

The family lives in a very small community where the main occupation of the residents is coffee farming. This entire community leverages only organic growing practices to maintain their beautiful ecosystem. Travel in this rural area is limited to travel on foot or by mule to the farms. For very long distances like to the nearest city, Jaen, typical mode of transportation is either in the back of a pickup or by Motorcycle.

The Coffee

On the farm they produce on Caturra varietals exclusively with the ratio being 90% Red Caturra and 10% Yellow Caturra. The coffee is fully washed, followed by wet fermentation lasting between 20 to 22 hours. After fermentation and being washed several times to remove the residual mucilage the coffee is dried on patios under the sun. If it rains the coffee is covered by a roof (half shadow). The entire drying process takes approximately 10 to 15 days depending on the weather. The coffee is then taken by truck to the city of Piura where it is processed at the processing plant Norandino before shipping out of the port of Paita.

Cupping Notes: Mango, yellow peach, orange blossom, wildflower honey, caramel; COE National Competition Participant this year